Using the ONLINE EMPLOYMENT APPLICATION, please include ALL of the following information:

Important: You MUST submit 3-4, current, full body photos along with providing ALL of the above information, otherwise your application will NOT be considered!
If you are unable to e-mail pictures, then MAIL them to our Office!
If your application is Approved, all new dancers are required to schedule an in-person interview, which lasts about an hour, at our Naperville Office!

Experienced Dancers are preferred, but we are willing to train eager individuals that are serious about a career in the adult entertainment industry!

Benefits include a flexible, part-time schedule, with the ability to make well over the average 40-hour/week salary!
At, we strive to treat our entertainers as Stars, because that is what they are! No hassles, professional & friendly staff!

So if you are an attractive Guy or Girl with an out-going personality and a strong work ethic, we welcome your application with Venus Entertainment™!

Requirements for MALE & FEMALE Strippers without any prior dancing Experience:

You must own a car or have someone available EVERY weekend to drive you to your parties! (Female Strippers are REQUIRED to have a driver to ALL shows - drivers are available through

You must own a cell phone!

You must be prepared to spend a MINIMUM of $200 for work supplies. Work supplies includes G-strings, costume, Work bag, radio with choreographed music, lotions and/or baby oil, and other miscellaneous toys/props.

You must be 100% reliable!

You must be available 3 out of 4 weekends a month!

You must have a serious work ethic - this is a job first and foremost. If you are just trying to get laid and drunk - don't waste your time applying!

You must be prepared to schedule a photo shoot with Venus Entertainment staff or a professional photographer in order to have current photos available to post on the website. No Dancers, male or female, will be given work unless their pictures are posted on the website!

You must be trustworthy and honest - stealing, verbal abuse, tardiness and lies are not qualities of Dancers that tolerates! At, we hold a high standard for our dancers and we expect professional and courteous employees.

You must not have a substance abuse problem. Drug use/abuse and excessive alcohol consumption is NOT TOLERATED by the staff of Venus Entertainment. Anyone found to be in violation of this policy will be IMMEDIATELY TERMINATED!

You will be expected to become an "ENTERTAINER", not just a Stripper. You will need to be able to express quality performances with excellent showmanship! Stripping is not just about taking off your clothes and shaking your hips from side to side! Most professional "ENTERTAINERS" spend countless hours, months and even years fine tuning their performances. Each Entertainer needs to be creative and able to prepare tricks and games for use during their shows, IN ADDITION to stripping.

You must have a Nice and Out-Going personality. You need to be able to make your audience smile and laugh with your wit and charm! No one appreciates an arrogant stripper!

Training Program for New Strippers:

You must undergo an in-office seminar on the rules,expectations and responsibilities of a professional exotic dancer.

You will be expected to ride along and watch several performances.

You will be expected to perform, under the supervision of Venus Entertainment Staff, at several parties before you will be eligible for paid bookings.

You must be a quick learner and be willing to accept constructive criticism.